The diving horse of the steel pier in Atlantic city

 Well friends I saw a video on  Facebook of the diving horse that use to dive into 11 feet of water at the Steel Pier . The first woman to do this  was named Sonora Webster Carver she saw a ad  in 1923 that William Doc Carver place for a diving girl and the rest was history.

 Sonora joined him and became his leading diving girl and  would travel the country  she married Doc's son and they took over the show in 1928 after Doc's death. Her sister joined the act around the same time .

 To explain what they did  they mounted a rounding horse as it reached the top of a tower. ( that could be anywhere from 40 to 60 ft  in the air). and  then they both plunged into a 11 foot pool of water below.

 They did bring this back in the 60's I remember thinking I hope the horse was ok . I have no idea how they got away with this.  Sonja's sister  did remark years later that the humane society  would keep trying to find  if the were treating the horses cruelty.  I can just imagine how many horses broke legs or went blind when they hit the water.

 Sonora had a injury where she was blinded by hitting the water off balance with her eyes opened. She keep diving  until 1942. Through the years the local paper would write stories about her diving days. She passed away in 2003  at the age of 99.

 This was a act that was first in a circus and then moved to the pier along with a lot of other acts. I remember in the 60's they had a tv show that would come from the pier. It was right of the boardwalk  so they had a lot of crowds.  They also had rides food and shows even the 3 stooges and even the Beatles played the steel pier.

 They also had a diving bell where you can climb in and go under the water my husband went a few times as a kid and saw nothing but black the water wasn't clear even back in the 60's.

Hope you enjoyed this look back  personally  I hope this never comes back horses jumping off towers .
 But that is my thoughts on the subject. have a great day friends, follow us on goggle+

 I wanted to show you some pictures of  the horses diving.

                                     The horse hitting the water . That is horrible..


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