Pleasant mills New Jersey A small town's special links to history

Deep in the Pines where sleepy history awaits the keen observer there is a sleep beauty of historical worth waiting for that special non-profit to make it come alive again.  This place was built in 1822 by the partnership of Benjamin Richards, William Lippincott, Edward York, Benjamin Sooy. The place started out as a saw mill and then a cotton mill and in 1853 there was a fire and the mill was repaired and became a paper Mill.

 I have been inside the place yes I actually went to a yard sale there  they had some many things in there from the different time periods it was a time capsule  of the many people that came and went in the building.

 Through out time it was bought and sold by many companies and was even a art gallery in the 50's . I was a bit surprised to find out a Mrs. a. Fenno bought the building in 1953 and made a play house out of it . Several plays were performed there from 1953 to 1957 .  A young Tony Perkins was sais to have performed there.

 Finally the building  was left to the town of Hammonton they were not interested in the property because well it wasn't Hammonton it is in Mullica township. It has had many caretakers through out time and was listed on Zillow as of last year.

 It is not in good shape and needs serious work done hopefully a non-profit will come along and save this treasure before it fades into history.


 Hope you enjoyed this walk in time in southern New Jersey and I have more to show you Wednesday what I found at yard sale  in the area..

 have a great day friends, Nora


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