New items in the stores.. ...

 Hi , Friends

 It's me Pine cat again wanted to tell you about some new items in the stores.  Human is off doing god knows what so I am in-charge today.. Here I am at my last birthday party.. Human celebrates my birthday on 4th of July because I am a rescue kitty and she doesn't know my birthday.... Guess I better do a good job so I get lots of presents..

 Well friends this is just a taste of the things that are happening at my  Pine cat 15 stores ..'

 here is the webpage.. for some reason goggle will not let her share her page .. check out our goggle page at the top  to direct link to pine cat 15 stores... .  They are always having sales so  you can get good deals... just think of all the presents I will get if you buy .. love, Pine cat.... I think I am going to take a nap my 5th of the day... Meow..


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