More from the round barn mystery .Who is in that WOODS???

 Sorry we are late folks Human had  trouble getting started today.. So I am here to write the story  today...

 Suddenly the phone started ringing  Sarah could see that it was Josh's cell number and picked up the phone.  'Sarah thought I would tell you I am about 5 minutes away from you I have some news ",  Sarah replied I think someone is watching me in the woods Josh'." I was looking out the window in the kitchen and thought I saw someone above the tree line. "The officers are still out front right Sarah?" Yes , " she replied. 

Josh decided instead  of  telling her that Joseph could be in the area he made a call to the police captain and start them looking around the neighborhood. "I got to go Sarah I will be there soon".  Sarah hung up the phone and sat in her rocking chair not sure what to make of what was going on.

 Josh made the call to his captain and they started a man-hunt for Joseph. The  phone rang again for Sarah and it was one of the officers outside. They told her that they would be looking around her back yard and not to be alarmed.  She figured Josh had called them and told hem what she saw.

 As  soon as she hung up she heard gun shots she didn't dare look out the window she was so scared. She dialed 911 and before she could speak she heard a pounding on the door.  She yelled who is it and their was not reply.  Lucky for her she had a  good the good sense to install a peep- hole in the front door so she could see who  was standing there.

 She looked out and saw Josh and the two officers she opened the door and saw that they were helping the one officer stand up. They helped him   in the house he looked like he had been shot..

  Thanks- for reading friends have a great day, Nora 


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