As Josh was trying to find Sarah the NYPD was raiding the monthly meeting of the Egyptian witches society that Joseph  had made Katherine go to. Everyone was arrested and going to be taken in for questioning. They were going to find out once and for all what this group knew and why they were willing to kill.

 Mean while Josh told Pete to stay out of sight and keep a eye out for anyone else .He ask Pete what was the best way to enter the property without being seen. Someone had a lap-top at Sarah's home and he was able to bring up the map of the museum. There was a few fire roads that behind the museum that not to many people knew about.

 This would be a good way to get in with out being seen . Other officers including swat teams would fall behind him and cover him ..

 Mike stood behind Sarah with a gun to her head  as she in-locked the museum store's door. She knew the alarm would go off and bring the police it was her only chance.  As she opened the door the alarm went off shocking Mike that he did not realize Sarah was no longer next to him and took off running.

 Sarah ran past the barn and out of the corner of her eye she thought she saw someone , could it be Pete? Pete silently motioned for her to follow him into the barn." Oh Pete am I glad to see you  ', She whispered. "It's ok Sarah help is on the way", But we  got to stay hidden".

Josh's phone rang again and Pete told him where he and Sarah were in the barn. "Be careful he said he has a gun and is yelling looking for Sarah .. "We are on the property and have him in our sights", replied Josh.

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