This is another jewel of history deep in the pines  we have traveled once again to the small town of Pleasant mills. If you read the blog yesterday we talked about the  mill that was right across the way from this home that was built in the 1700's.

It has a few myths and legends associated with the house now it is a beautiful remodeled home.  Privately own they have done a great job keeping up the house.  A book was  written about the house and the owner and the myth that is pine barrens folk lore.

 This book was written in 1855 by a gentleman who was from Philadelphia I have noticed in my many articles south jersey had many ties to Philadelphia in the early days not so much now. Philadelphia was a big place and they would try and beat the heat of the city and come here.

The story of the house that Elijah Clark   built the mill owned the home he started the mill mill and wanted to live near by . Through out the years and many re-models and a fire it doesn't look like the above picture but has survived.

 The myth behind the Kate Aylesford  book is that the real lady that was kidnaped was  a daughter in the Read family owner of Batsto.  I was a bit confused about who own this home but The Clark family does seem to disappear from the records around the time of Batsto so I am wondering if the Read family bought the home and the mill from them.

 The legend of Joe Mulliner is a tall one he loved the English and the neighbors  in the area wanted their independence and were looking to jail him for his thoughts. He was born in 1740 well educated and from a good family. According to history he loved to party and was overly friendly I take this to mean he loved the ladies.
He was a kind of a robin hood, rob the rich and give to the poor type. One night the daughter of the Read family gave a party and he kidnapped her.  He did hide out  on a island called the forks with 40 men so basically he had a gang.

 He was hiding about a half a mile from his home and did have a wife she was home working their farm. .

 This man was found and hung and his body was said to be brought home to his wife . I have seen the grave site myself . He was buried on his farm and in the 30's he received a headstone that had more than J.M.

 Thursday , yard sale at the house and how I got hold of a few paintings from the Brandywine school
 cheap.... have a great day , Nora


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