Thought I Would include some information about Hugg's tavern where Betsy and John got married.   The building was built between 1720 and 1721. It was actually built by  Joseph Hug and not far from the county jail . It was used in the beginning for feeding prisoners and the crowds that would come and watch hangings.

 After Joseph's death in the 1740's his wife ran the tavern for 7 years.  Around the time of Betsy's and John's marriage a son took over the place and that's when it was known as The sign of the ship. The  place was  torn down in the 20's. Sadly the folks that wanted to save it were not listened too.

A marker in the park let's people know where the building was.. I still  think Betsy made the flag she even went to Christ church  in Philadelphia  George Washington had a pew there so they probably did know each other.

 She married her second husband there and third husband there.  .. More about Christ church on Sunday ..  Saturday I have a party to go too.

 Have a great day and 4th of July early  we will be back before then.. Hoping to get some interesting pictures of the Indian king's tavern they are having a special event on the 4th..  Nora


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