I am tired human is back with the Round barn murder...

 Yawn , she is back and now I am going to sleep all day blogging is lot of work...

Josh decided the best way to find out information is to go back to Sarah's house and check out  Katherine's things to look for clues.  Sarah was glad get some more clothes , she had left Katherine's room the same way she had left it. When Joseph broke in she did straight it up and found nothing was missing that she knew of.

The house was a bit hot after being closed up and she made sure Josh knew the code to the alarm . They both looked around to make sure everything was ok locked the doors and  went into Katherine's room. Josh asked Sarah ," I know Katherine always keep a diary did she keep one here?". Sarah said "Yes I think she keep it in the closet in this hidden  shelf in the back .

Josh thought , you have to love old houses  they always have little hidden places to hide things. Guess Joseph did not know that.  Sarah reached in the closet found the shelf and pulled out a diary that was brown leather and had a lock on it.  She wondered where the key could possibly be but Josh just used a bob-pin to pick the lock.  

The first few pages were just average things and the next few pages talked about how she was not able to sleep at night and that she would leave the house and go for walks. She talked about a man who she would meet and how they would chat about history especially ancient Egypt. She found herself knowing a lot about the subject but not sure why.

 Josh thought he must have been stalking her and she didn't realize it ."  Sarah he asked did you see anybody that looked like the were creeping around the area  and did you ever see anyone leering outside your home"?

 thanks for reading friends may you have a great day, Nora


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