Sarah had decided to stay at home when Josh went to the museum  he had a couple of  cops stationed in front of her house and  she felt safe enough. Josh would be back in a few hours from New York.. The woods behind Sarah's house was thick with brush and made a good Hiding place the man stood in the shades of large trees as he watched the cops sitting in their car he could not risk approaching the house during the day. Too risky the dead woman's husband would probably have the artifacts with him. 

 Josh boarded the train at the very last minute and then suddenly got a call from the NYPD  his old captain told him that Joseph  had not left the country. His family in Egypt had heard from him that he was still in the area of New York. He was also told that the  shaker village museum had been broken inti and that the cameras had captured a plate number . The plate number was registered to a rental car in the New York city area.

 " Get this Josh ",said the captain, 'it is registered to the guy you are looking for ".  Josh thanked the captain and just made it off the train before it started to move. He had to get back to Sarah  he had a feeling in his stomach that he would be some where near the house watching and waiting for the right time.

 The day was turning into night and the shades and curtains had be pulled in Sarah's home. The one officer called  Sarah and double checked with her that she was ok.. Sarah still felt  strange like someone was watching her and went and made sure all the doors were locked and the alarm was on again.

 She was looking at the window of the backyard and thought she saw something in the among the trees could someone be there watching?

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