Josh had decided after they got of the train he would take Sarah home and go to his place and make a quick stop at the police station and drop back in to Sarah's to make sure everything was ok. He knew his captain didn't really want him on the murder case of his wife and had given him time off but he wanted to fill him in on everything he had learned.

 Sarah unlocked the door to her home she had put on the alarm when she left didn't she? everything  looked ok nothing out of place. She was glad Josh was their and really didn't want to stay alone . " Sarah are you ok everything in order", the look on her face was pure fear . He knew he could not leave her alone for one second. 'You are coming with me and I will not take no for a answer ". Sarah was happy to agree and she gathered up some fresh clothes and personal items and  would stay with Josh till they figured this thing out.

Josh entered his apartment and was happy to be home they had stopped at the grocery store after he had talked to the captain and he was not happy he was investigating the case but glad for the leads  they had none. They now had a picture of the person and a address and that was a great start he felt really angry the murder was right among them during the funeral but they would get him soon or later.

  Sarah's boss had called her on her cell she had forgotten it at home when they went to New York and told her about the burglary  at the museum  they broke into the safe and left before the police got there. They had just put in a silent alarm because the place was not open in the winter and cameras they did get a picture of a blue car  with new York license plates.

Josh had put the statue and the wax figure in his safe deposit bank at his bank . No one would be able to find it here till he figured this out then it was going to the museum that Katherine was working at.   He decide that he would do some research on the figure and on this weird wax figure what exactly it means and why would someone kill for it.

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