Giant advertsing figures from the 50's still can be seen in Southern New Jersey

 New jersey seems to have a love affair with giant advertising figures the Famous Lucy the elephant dates from the late Victorian age and at one time there were two advertising hotels in the shore area.

 We even have one near me in a local town that a man bought a large gorilla from a man who had a amusement park in wildwood. He bought it as a memorial for his son who was a bodybuilder it is quite huge and believe it or not near a gas station and small store. If you are driving on 206 it is a fun thing to take a picture in front of it and buys some snacks at the store. I remember seeing this in front of a amusement park growing up.

 The guy has been around for a while and has been re-painted he looks great and next time I will get better pictures for you.

 This guy is in front of a well-know ice cream shop..  I also remember  a giant lady in front of a tire store among other things. Since I was a kid in the sixties and seventies I am thinking they were left over advertising from the 50's.  Trying  to remember some of the other things that are different advertising from the fifties.

 I did find some other giant figures of advertising but not clear where they are located..

 I did forget to  mention the giant wine bottles that would advertise a local winery near egg harbor city.

 The bottles were in more than one place and through the years they were hand painted and even wrapped with paper advertising.. Interesting ways to advertise and make your products and business  known.

 Hope you enjoy this trip around New Jersey odd advertising ...

 we will be back on Wednesday with more of the round barn murder have a great day, Nora


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