Friend or Foes?

 As Sarah left in the ambulance Josh decided he needed to focus on what was going on he approached two  officers who were talking to the people searching for Joseph. . He heard something come over the radio that shocked him  they found a body.  Maybe Joseph killed himself ? That did not seem possible. What he knew of him that did not seem possible.

 He knew he had to go and look at the body . Make sure it was him he had to make sure Sarah needed that piece of mind.  As he approached the area in the woods where he was found  he noticed a tent and a camp fire boy he was in for the long haul he thought.

He ask the officers what else they found like a gun . They found no gun? Was Joseph murdered?  This was getting strange. He knew he had to get back to Sara and make sure she was ok. He now had a bigger mystery than before. He knew it had to do with that group and someone wanted Joseph dead.

 Sarah decided she did not need any medical help and refused any treatment as she was walking into the lobby she notices  Mike is there. She was happy to see him but wondered why he was there. She figured Josh had his friend there to protect her and she was glad to see him.

Mike smiles and says, " Hello Sarah how are you doing"? Good to see you mike ", she replied. I am ok and just want to go back to my house and check on it." I can take you of course", he replied.

 Sarah felt a little odd being one on one with him she did not know him that well. But if he is a friend of Josh I am sure he is ok.  As the started the car she started to tell him what way to turn he just smiled and said I know.

It was a bit strange because he had never been here before?  Many he was investigating here in the past? Visiting Josh?

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