Coming soon...

 Coming up in the near future on the blog we will finish the whispering pines story..  More art from my  stores . More stories I want to write for your summer reading pleasure.  I am thinking of  having a appraisal day where you  send me pictures of items where I can find out what I can about it and we can chat.

 More pictures of Pine cat ,more historical inspired short articles. Collecting trends so you can know what to buy at the summer yard sales and flea markets..

 Thinking of a series of fun and interesting trips for families to go on.. They is a lot of great places in the world and we should talk about it. ..

And coming in fall I have several art shows scheduled if you are in the New Jersey area.. Please share our page we are adding new friends but would love a lot more . I do appreciate each and every one of you.

And of course their is this guy Benny aka; Pine cat...  little known pine cat facts he is a seal point Himalayan, he likes to talk a lot especially at 5:30 a.m. .. We think it is the Siamese in him... He can open doors, cabinets etc...  he loves the bathroom ( I have no idea why).. He has the worst fine hair that I have ever saw in my life. That is why Persians are shaved.  He loves to ran through the house as fast as his stubby legs can carry him.

 thanks for reading ,Nora , Benny  


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