Betsy does have ties to George Washington.

 Well friends our flag making gal really did have ties to George Washington found in Mt. Vernon  was a receipt for lots of bedding by made her and  husband John. So that is another piece of the puzzle that she could have made the flag.  John and her were only married for 4 years and according to records  they were married in Gloucester city after being thrown out of the Quaker meeting house.

 I did get a picture of the mantle the building where her and john were married was removed in 1929.

 Gloucester city does have a record of the marriage and I guess a copy of it. I do have a friend from there historical society and might have to ask her about it.  Gloucester city is a great place beautiful views of Philadelphia.

I have been trying to look for the receipt from the mt. Vernon purchases from work they did for Washington have to really dig in the library on line to see if I can find it.

  Have a great day, Nora


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