who killed Katherine and why?? in the Round Barn murder

 The museum was quiet after the 10 a.m. tours walked through , John Strong was always glad when he had enough quiet around him to get his research done . The call from Josh Katherine's husband had shaken him  he knew he had to make the call to the NYPD.  After the bomb last year and not being able to locate Katherine he still knew it was a open case.

 The phone was ringing as Mike made it to his desk boy did he miss his partner that would cover him if he got in late. Josh had never been the same since Katherine went missing and had left the dept. for a job in  a little town in Mass. He was a great officer but the lost had touched him deeply he knew he had to try and check on him but something always got in the way.

He hoped the change of a small town would help him move forward but he wasn't sure if the not knowing what happened to his wife would creep in anyway.  Mike picked up the phone and the museum director told him the basic story how Josh had called him and told him Katherine was found and she was dead.

He also told him he had reason to believe that the person who did it was on the dig that he went on and where he meet Katherine.  He had interviewed all the people accept one who had been out of the country at the time . He had left for Egypt the night of the bombing  and unfortunately he got side tracked with other cases ." God I hope he is not the one he thought could never forgive myself if  I had not stopped a killer.

 Mike looked up the address and told his Captain he had to go work on a open case First he would go to the person's address and than stop by the museum and see his old friend and find out what happened.

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