Whispering Pines

 Well friends I have some parts of a book I have written  that you might enjoy ..

 The old mansion stood silently watching the forgotten town of Batsto for the last two centuries. Located in the pine barrens of Southern New Jersey it is now a historical landmark. On a cold winter day some workers were doing some remodeling in the old  of part of the mansion, when they came upon a boarded room. All involved decided they would do a bit of archeology . Maybe they would find something good to add to the displays in the mansion.

Excitement filled the room after all their jobs were pretty dull just painting and keeping the grounds clean. When they opened the door all the found was a old wooden bed and yellowing muslin quilt. As they moved the quilt a hand painted brooch feel from the rotting material.

She was a lovely American beauty with dark brown hair, green eyes and creamy white skin. Looking closer her stare drew you into a time forgotten by most filling you with a longing to know what happened to her?

 Just a taste of my story that I have been working on for awhile in between paintings etc.

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