The round Barn Mystery

 The god Atum- is also known as Atem or Tem  the meaning of the word means to complete or finish of the world.

 Josh made his way towards Sarah and told her his name and that he wanted to speak to her one on one.  Sarah's boss told them to go into her office and talk . As Josh closed the door he said', I think you have a idea who I am". "Yes " you are Katherine's husband", she replied. Now Josh was a bit taken back that she knew who he was I guess she can read body language would be the only explanation, He thought.

 " Please tell me about her and how she got to this area".  " Well I have been worried about her when I heard on the news about the explosion and had tried to find her and was calling hospitals' in the new York city area".   A hospital in Northern New jersey had a Jane Doe come in and she  head injury and didn't know who she was . I boarded the next plane to New Jersey after they gave me a description of her . The only thing she remembered was  she was from Mass and had a younger sister.

 She came in with no id but she had a weird looking Egyptian figure in her pocket that she would not let go of. She would get so upset if the figure was not near her they had to sew it into the pocket of her hospital gown.

 The Doctors could not figure out why she was fixed on this item they figured that it was associated with what ever happened to her. Unfortunately  the news really did not report much about what happened .  They were glad when I showed up and took her home I told them the story about trying to find you but they wanted me to wait and see if she would recover some memories and that it could harm her if I pushed the issue.

 " I m sorry I listened to them you could have protected her if only I have known".  Sarah started to cry realizing that she could have maybe stopped this from happening.

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