The round barn Mystery..

 I am one with Atum when he still floated alone in Nun the water of Chaos , before any of his strength had gone into creating the Cosmos I am Atum at his most inexhaustible . Book of the dead - New Kingdom.

   The door opened quietly as Josh slipped in among the other cops and he saw his sister-in-law he wanted to just check out her reactions to what happened before he shocked her anymore. "poor kid he thought she looks so sad",  Even though his wife didn't speak much about her family he did know she was her younger sister and only relative left".

Even though his thoughts were drifting into memories of how he meet her he knew he had a job to do to find who did this to her and why. Josh had always had a keen interest in ancient history he even went to a special dig where  lay- people help professional archeologists on digs of ancient cities. He loved the time of kind tut and wanted to dig at Tut's  dad's city in the sun. Amarna.

 He had flew into Cairo with a group of other history buffs and then they flew the couple of hundred miles to the city of Amarna. It was pretty basic sleeping bags in a guest house better than sleeping in the desert with the scorpions' and cobras

 He remembered meeting his future wife when they pulled up in the jeep. She was a beautiful woman wearing a hat and a scarf .    She smiled and introduced herself as professor Katherine Adams . They were together for only a few weeks and grew quite close on the dig. She could not believe he was a cop and not a Archeologist he seem to know as much as she did about Egypt .

 When it was time to leave they promised to stay in touch and they shared a kiss before he board the jeep to go back to Cairo and fly back to New York.

  The weeks past slowly as  he waited for her return and when she did he was there waiting for her at the airport with flowers and a ring he knew he wanted to be with her the rest of her life  but it was not to be.

 Sarah saw the man staring at her and something about him was so sad  could this be my brother-law ", she thought. 'No it couldn't be she thought".

 thanks for reading have a great day , Nora


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