The round barn mystery cont..

 Josh hugged Sarah and tried to tell her through her tears this was not her fault but he did need her help. " Did she still have the ambulant or figure he was not sure what to call it ".  "Yes she replied it is actually locked in the safe here at the museum Katherine begged me too".  "Why was she walking at mid-night around town he asked".   "She always told me she could not sleep because the dreams     she keep having but she never told me what they were about".
" I begged her not to go walking at night be she seemed to not  hear me or not want too." The doctors had told me it was part of her brain injury from the explosion so I let it go I wish I hadn't". Sarah started to cry again and Josh decided to change he subject back to the figure  'Do you have the keys to the safe ?"  Sarah handed them to him with out a word.  She wasn't sure of this man and wondered how come he wasn't more upset was he who he said he was"?

Josh was a bit taken back when she ask him about when he married her sister and did he have any pictures ?   "Good girl he thought can't be too careful". Josh pulled his wallet out and showed her a picture of them both smiling and happy on their wedding day.

 Unlocking the safe and in the back off it was a velvet bag with something wrapped up inside . He knew it was ancient because the care Katherine had taken to wrap it he remember the care she took when he worked on the dig with her.  Unwrapping the item carefully he noticed the statue was a ugly almost lizard like creature that was suppose to be of the god Atum the god of creation.

 He had remembered the day it was found and the work men being excited that something was found. Katherine was excited too because a lot of the time they either find pieces of pottery or nothing very important. The museum would be very happy with this find and because they funded the dig it was property of theirs not Katherine so he still could not figure out how she had it and why.

 Josh knew he had to return to New York after the funeral of his wife and he certainly wanted to let his captain know everything that has happened . He thinks he could find the answers in the museum where she worked and he needed to find the people that were on that dig besides himself.

 As he finished up with Sarah and was getting ready to take her home their was a knock on the door and the officer in charged showed him what they had found in the bushes near the crime.

 The ugly wax figure was shaped like a woman and Josh was a bit shaken from the meaning of it. He knew that someone believed in Heka   and practiced it and used it on his Wife. He did not know much about Egyptian magic but it scared him he would have to find out all he could at the museum.

 Happy mother's day to the mom's today whether you have human children or furry children . from me and Pine cat


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