The Round Barn Murder

 She hoped her sister wasn't involved she knew she like to hang around here after hours . She had been acting much better lately and even made friends with people in the area on her many walks .

 The worker burst into the gift shop " We need to call the police I've found a dead body out in one of the fields ". "Is it a woman or man ?", said Sarah. " a woman", he replied.  Sara  felt sick when she looked down and saw the cloak he had in his hands she knew it was her sister's.  She tried to pull herself together and get to the phone she had to call the police. The worker had her sit down she looked pale . "

 Officer Joshua Holt was busy typing yet another report about a stole shopping cart from the local market.  Josh's phone began to ring it was the captain telling him they need a detective over at the shaker village a body was found on the grounds. 'Sir I am on my way",  Josh found  his keys and hurried out the door.

Sarah got up from the chair she had been sitting in while she waited for the police the workers would not allow her to go out and look at the body. The police pulled up outside along with a ambulance  and the workers went to show them where the body was. As the first tourists started to arrive Sarah's boss was putting up a sign stating the village was closed for construction problems. If word got out it could ruin  the whole rest of the tourist season.

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