The round barn murder


He (the sun god) created for them magic as a weapon,
to fend off the blows of the happenings.
The teachings of Merikare, Middle Kingdom

  It was a rainy day when Katherine was buried Josh had the local minister come and talk about the family that Sarah and  Katherine belonged to they were well known in the area and good people nothing weird or sinister about them . Privately the minister could think of know one that would want to hurt the family or Katherine.

Sarah of course showed up with a friend by her side who didn't really seem that interested in what was happening at the event . " Wonder where she found him", thought Josh. She introduced him as a college friend who just so happen to be in town on business.  This really bothered him she did not seem the type who had such casual relationships and would bring a friend  she hadn't seen in a long time to a funeral of her sister.

 The minister's church woman's  group had prepared  a lunch for them after the services it was so kind of them and he would have to make sure he made a good donation to the church for their kindness. Sarah walked up on him and the minster and thanks him for everything.  Funny thing her friend was no where around,  "I wonder what that is about when Sarah introduced me and said I  was a cop  he seemed to look nervous ".

 The  man walked quickly to his car after the funeral  he knew it was a risk being out in the open like that and Sarah could be telling her brother-in-law as we speak what he did and how he broken into her home after the body was found.  She had told him she did not have the ambulant and that it was locked in the museum safe.

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