The round barn murder

 The sun was shining it was a beautiful almost fall day in the Berkshires. The shaker village museum  complex was about to open up  The workers were going to round up the sheep and feed them . Across  the green. fields they went with their tractor pulling a load of Hay.

 The sheep seem fearful to see them perhaps a wild animal tried to kill one of them during the night ? The workers had told the museum officials they should be penned up during the night it was a wooded area even though the area was getting  "overpopulated"   it does not mean  coyotes  are not around.

 " Guess I should do a head count he thought".  As he made his way feeding the groups of sheep he spotted what looked like a cape ," those dam tourists he thought " Always leaving things behind". He would take it up lost and found in the gift shop on his break.

 As he got closer to the  foot bridge toward the old cemetery the cape seem to take shape and look like some kind of bundle  could it be a person? "Well ", he thought another job for me to do get rid of who ever it was".

As He approached he called out", You got to leave this place is going to be crawling with tourists in 20 minutes , You can't stay here"! He moved closer he noticed the ground was all wet  and red," That looks like blood", he thought. He felt a deep sense of dread come over him the person didn't move and probably is dead.

 He didn't waste anytime if this was a murder the person still could be around and his partner was across the meadow and would not be able to help him. He took off running across the herding sheep toward the main building where the gift shop was.

Sara was busy setting on a display of post cards in the gift shop. , when she heard movement from outside. " Maybe one of the workers was in trouble ", she thought.  'Maybe I should call a ambulance she thought ". She knew quite a bit of first aid she had wanted to be a nurse but found she did not have the stomach for it.

  stay tuned more on Tuesday.. now this is a short story I wrote some time ago and have found the pages too, Have a great day folks please share our blog and follow our goggle+ page.. ,Nora


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