the round barn murder What happened in Amarna?

  Josh and Mike headed to the police station to sit and figure out what they know with the different clues and to question Sarah again. They needed to know all they could if they ever want to bring Katherine's murder to justice.   Both men went into Mike's office with Sarah close behind and decided to fill the chalk board in there with the different things they knew.

 They wanted to go back to the building and talk more to the owner but first they have to figure what they know already. Sarah looked tired and they needed to find her a place to stay for the night but Josh didn't want to leave her alone so for now she stayed with them.

Mike decided to  start with what they know 1. the museum seemed to know nothing about what really happened to Katherine 2.  Sarah was called by a private investor about  where Katherine was. 3. the Dig at Amarna had something to do with her death. 3. The person  Sarah  Id  left the United States right after the murder leaving nothing behind. 4.Katherine was protecting the weird Amulet with her life. 5.  The odd  figure that was found at the murder .

 "Now Josh tell me everything you can about the dig and the person of interest did you have any chats are interactions during the 10 days you were in Amarna? "  Josh tried to remember if he did talk much to the person of interest what he can remember that he read a lot and did seem interested in the Egyptian Magic.

side note-  

-Staring form the New Kingdom, the original consecration ritual was now considered unnecessary for amulets worn by the living persons, the amulet only needed to be inscribed with the chapter number or the first line of the prayer.
However, the original consecration ritual was still performed on funerary amulets, which doubled the amulets' powers.
Furthermore, the drawing of an amulet or any sacred symbol contained the identical power as the actual amulet, to accomplish this task the scribe and tools used had to be purified.

 So could he have wanted the Amulet for Magic he wanted to do? "That is a possibility , Replied Josh. "I do remember him getting into a argument with Katherine about the idea that amulets were always used in the New Kingdom Amarna.

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