The making of Wine Bottle Lamps

 Just thought I would share some of my wine bottle lamps  and explain how I do them. Usually I get friends to save their wine bottles wash and take of the labels and then my husband  drill holes in the bottom of the bottles to put the wires through to wire the lamp.

 Their are many lamp kits available and  we like to put our lamps on a base. The bottoms  are from the craft store wood dept. The paint I use is  for painting on glass and easy too use .

                  I do have several  bottles drying you should let the paint cure for 21 days


 You can decorate the bottles any way you want use them for storage and decorating doesn't have to be for lamps. I have even put small Christmas lights in them ...  the kind that run on batteries.

 well I hope you enjoyed wine bottle  lamps and think about doing some recycle crafts. I will be back on Sunday with the round barn Murder. Have a great weekend, Nora follow us on goggle + or like our blog


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