The Amarna dig and who was on it..

 Katherine got herself out to the street through a back entrance a woman saw her and came to her aid. She got her into a taxi and took her into the hospital doors she left her in the hands of a nurse and left.  Katherine was in and out when the doctors  looked at her she wasn't hurt anywhere but had a large bruise on her forehead.  They did x-ray her head and saw nothing but a bad concession she would have a bad head ache for awhile but they could not figure out why she could not remember anything.

 The only thing she had with her besides a weird Egyptian thing , was a letter from a post box and a address  from Hancock Mass.  They had decided to send her to a hospital in that area  while they looked for her family. They some how found her sister through a private detective  actually looking for her and matched up the two cases.

Her sister was so happy to see her it seemed like she remembered her. The hospital decided to leave it up to the sister to take care of her.

Both cops knocked on the museum director's door at the same time they wanted answers and they wanted them now.  Sarah was just going along for the ride and did not know what to think.  John welcomed both men warmly he didn't want them to think he would be anything but helpful.

Josh started with we need to see the passports from the Amarna dig from last year. The museum keep copies just in case their was a problem getting into Egypt.  Now John removed the file from his desk and  gave the folder to Josh. " Sarah I know this will be hard but please look at the photos and see if the man who was in your home is in here. "

  Look through the pictures she did not recognize anyone till the last picture  there he was the man who was at her home and had threaten her.  Josh noticed Sarah looked pale after seeing the last picture and ask. "Are you ok". Sarah could not believe this man had been on the dig with her sister and Josh. She should have put two and two together when he was at her home.

 'This is the guy ',she replied.  Both cops looked at the picture and then the address . "Wow I was just at this address and the building's owner said he went back to Egypt about 2 weeks ago in quite a hurry , said Mike.

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