John Strong was waiting for both cops to show up at the museum  he knew they would ask a lot of questions and some he did not have the answer to. That day of the explosion had been so crazy he  was thrown from his desk chair from the blast. When he woke up a cop was standing over him  giving him first aid.

 Their was a big hole in the wall of his office and his thoughts went to his museum and of course the people working in there and the customers.  The cop was asking his questions as he was taking out on a  stretcher . He was trying to remember who was in the area of the blaze he wondered about the few people that were doing research in the area .

 He saw Peter and Sean on his way out of the museum on the stretcher but what about Katherine ? He told them where her research room was and that she had come from the local college to do research for the museum He had hoped she was ok but later found out that nothing was left of the room and that she was probably blown to such small pieces she would not be found.

 After the cops did  a search they found no signs of her dead or alive and what happened was not  known. .

 Katherine had went into the vault to find some more rare artifacts to look at  after the man left her she was not going  to let anyone mess with her findings . She knew the ambulant she found at Amara was the piece of a puzzle she had been looking for. The finding would certainly impress her fellow Egyptologists and she wanted that  for herself. No one was going to take that away from her.

 Katherine felt the room shake and she was thrown a few feet and then everything went black. Waking up she saw light through the darkness and stumped out of her research lab what was left of it. 

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