Josh pulled up in his unmarked police car,  he had remembered this spot from somewhere but he could place it. "What do we have here he ?" ,he asked the office in charge. A woman about 28 long blond hair and green eyes about 5'8 . " How did she pass ", He asked . The officer replied" her throat was cut from ear to ear".

" Any idea who she is?" "Yes her sister works here at the village". "Oh god he thought it couldn't be !
"I guess I should look at the body", replied Joshua. "It's not very pretty".

Josh had seen violence before he had worked for many years in the city of New York he knew what all kind kinds of people were capable of.  The ambulance driver asked  Josh if he was ready ? Josh replied,  " Ready as I ever be, the man removed the sheet.

Josh looked at the woman's face it couldn't be but it was he had found his long missing wife .

 Three uniformed police men entered the museum gift shop . Sarah's boss was busy making coffee for her and the man who found the body. Sarah sat in the corner   in shock she couldn't believe anyone in this peaceful community would kill her sister.

The officers had been kind with their questions many knew the story of her sister not remembering who she was for  a while. She had been a professor and a brilliant scholar of Egyptian studies in New York city.  She was suppose to be married to a cop and newly married.   All she remembered was waking up in nearby hospital she had know idea how she got from New York to  the city of Hancock in Mass.

The doctors had told her she had mentioned something about a wedding and remembering wearing a white dress. The only way she was found was she had a letter Sarah had wrote to her sister congratulating her on her marriage.  Sara had even hired a private investigator   to try and find her new brother-in -law but she had little to go on.   Her sister was a very private person sending letters from a post box address or calling her from pay phones.

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