parts of Whispering pines and the historical Indian King Tavern

 Sarah was on her way away from Philadelphia she had been traveling for hours and the coachman yelled " Miss the town we will stay at tonight is about a mile away". The  Indian king  tavern was located in the town of Haddonfield and was owned by a Dear friend 's uncle her name Dolly.

 Side note my novel is about real places in history Indian King tavern is a  very historical place and at times during the revolutionary war a place where the  new government would meet  after fleeting the British after several battles.  Was used several times after fleeing Princeton and Philadelphia.

 This is a great place I plan on visiting in the near future the volunteers do a great job with keeping the place up.. Wanted to share some pictures with you and I have not found my book yet I think I need to set up my old computer and see what is on there.

 But for now you can get a feel of the place with the pictures  I found.. enjoy have a great day and follow us on goggle+ and our blog, Nora


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