new whispering pines


. Martins had decided to meet Sarah right after the funeral , " Matters had to be settled right away ", he thought. "She was too young to travel so far without a man to protect her ". Well she really didn't have any choice, but James had told Mr. Strong he would go and paint the family portrait . There would be nothing left after the sale of the house  and even the studio. They had only made a down payment so she could use the rest for a new life in West Jersey.  He had gotten in touch with her mother's family and they would take her in.

 He would be glad to be rid of the worry of this young woman , he didn't have the heart to tell her where all the money went he knew she would ask why spoil her memories of her Father.

 Now Sarah's mother's family was of the Quaker faith., Mr. Martins knew Sarah didn't really remember too much about her mother. Grandmother Sadie had come to help her father when her Ma became ill and died. Sade  with her Plain Grey dress and white apron was a calming influence on the household .  The letter from Sadie was brief of course Sarah was welcome of course when would she be arriving?

 well friends  we have to cont. this story when I find the rest of it. I have it on memory sticks and have to find them.

 I promise I won't make you wait long..  please share our blog and our page with your friends we need more friends.. have a great day,nora


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