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 The figure watched in the distant field the woman had to be killed  she knew to much. How  many others would need to go it is still to soon to know. Police would find nothing they would not find the wax figure in the bushes they would never know what it meant if they did.

 The moon had been full last night and the woman foolish enough to walk alone at night.  She seemed like she was in a dream state when I walked up on her never knowing what I planed to do. She spoke a few words to me like she did every night.  I had meet her months ago and she did not remember the night she was working late . I had ask her for the ambulant from the Amarna dig she did last year she told me it was not hers to give to anyone.

 She managed to call security on me and I was removed but I came back the next week with a present for the Museum a bomb. I found it very easy to slip away with all the confusion going on. But I was not sure what happened to the woman was she alive or dead? Where was the ambulant?

The figure could see people coming his way so he slipped into a empty building till the searching stopped. He had to get out of this area soon didn't want to be caught.

 Josh stepped back from the stretcher he pulled the sheet over his wife's face slowly he could not believe he found her this way. He had looked for her for months all he was told was she was missing and probably dead. He remembered the sad look on his Captain's  face when he told him of the explosion and that his wife was missing and was thought to be dead.

 He even went down to the site to look for himself till his fellow officers physically made him leave. He knew now he had to go find answers from his sister-in- law and how she ended up here .

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