Joseph where is he hiding?

 Josh knew he had to go to sit down and try to find Joseph's where about in his data base. Checking the airport flights to Egypt would be the first thing he would do. He needed to make sure he left the country last week and where he was heading in Egypt so he could have the authorities  looking for him.

 He could be considered dangerous and was wanted for the murder of Katherine .  Josh still could not believe she was gone their first few weeks of marriage had been happy. She seemed to be so positive about the future and did not tell him about Joseph.  He could have done something  anything ...

 He made his call and the Egyptian government was glad they warned him about Joseph and they were going to investigate and talk with his family there to see if they have seen on heard from him.

Now her needed to get Sarah to Mike's apartment where they both can get rest and go back to Hancock and see how the investigation was going .

 Sarah was too tired to argue about where they were going to stay she was exhausted and needed rest even though nothing was in stone about Katherine's killer she felt a least the  cops were looking for him and she was safe for now.

 Mike allowed  Sarah to take his room and Josh and him sleep on the sofas in the living room. They were up early and Sarah had decided she would go back to Hancock and try to get her life back to some kind of normal.

Josh had agreed they would go back to Hancock but really did not want Sarah to go home alone if the guy would come back he knew how to break into her home and could be waiting for her. The train ride had been quiet he didn't know if she was still in shock or not telling him something he should know.

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