Is the mystery over or deeping in the round barn Mystery?

The king orders sacrifices, he alone controls them,
the king eats humans, feeds on gods,
he has them presented on an altar to himself,
he has agents to do his will. He fires off the orders!
The king eats their magic, he gulps down their souls,
the adults he has for breakfast,
the young are lunch,
the babies he has for supper,
the old ones are too tough to eat, he just burns them on the altar as an offering to himself.

Pyramid Texts 273-4, Old Kingdom

Sarah was quiet on the way home Josh could understand her need for silence but his cop instincts  were telling him something is very wrong. She was too quiet something else was on her mind not just her sister's death and all the horror that went along with it.

Josh decided to break the silence and ask her , 'Sara what happened to your friend?"  Now Sarah knew she had to tell him the truth. 'He was no friend of mine he actually in my house when I got home yesterday and torn it apart looking for the ambulant I told him it was in the museum in the safe I do not know if he believed me or not but when he finely left I locked up my house and  went into my bedroom and locked the door and gripped my baseball bat night all night waiting for someone to come through that door".

"Did he tell you why he wanted the ambulant ?" " No but he did seem to react to Katherine's notes on the dig from last year at Amarna . He let it slip that he was on that dig and she knew nothing about the history and magic of that period of time".

 " So he was on the dig". Josh couldn't think of anyone from the dig who was critical of  Katherine they all were so involved and actually kind a nerdy and loved every minute of what  we were doing.
 Josh ask Sarah if he could take a few days off and go with him to New York  he certainly would not leave her here to be attacked or worse.

 He was thinking the museum would have a record of everyone that went on the dig and copies of their passports and then Sarah could look at the pictures on them and we have our guy.

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