Katherine had  been glad Joseph had not contacted her after the Egyptian magic meeting. She was planning her yearly dig at Amarna and was packing her clothes and items she would need for the month she would be there.

 She had not looked at the list of  persons who was going to go on the dig it's a great way for the college to raise money for the dig and they can always use the help. The coordinator of the project was going along on the dig and was in charge of the lay-people that would help.

 The morning of the trip Katherine just made it to the airport in time.  She saw the coordinator and sat down next to her she decided to look at the list of names of the persons she would be living with for the next month. She noticed to her disbelieve Joseph 's name was on the list. She hoped he would not give her any problems and if he did she knew plenty of Egyptian police that she could call .

 The Egyptians always have a watchful eye on sites especially important  ones like Amarna . As the plan landed  9 hours later in Cairo, Joseph smiled at her as she walked by and said " We meet again Professor'".

 Sarah only knew bits and pieces of the story and knew nothing about what happened at Amarna she knew Katherine was getting very worried  about Joseph she was not sure what he would do and really did not want him on the dig.

 have a great day friends, Nora


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