cont. whispering Pines


 Sara had been traveling the dusty roads of Jersey for two days to get to the town of Batsto . Satin was not a good choice of fabric to travel in . Her suit made the red crushed velvet interior of the coach even hotter." This was suppose to be for summer travel?", she thought, "She had more important things to worry about than clothes".

Sara had promised her father's estate lawyer she would do the portrait of the Strong family so she would not have to pay back the down payment. Why did she promise this?  She knew nothing of the area only what her Grandmother told her 15 years ago when she was 5.

Sara whispered " Why did you have to die father". James Henderson had been a well known Philadelphia artist who had passed away from a unknown illness. Sara thought he was going to recover  he was so much better, Two weeks ago during the night when all were sleeping he had passed away.

Philadelphia had been ablaze of rumors that her father had many enemies  wasn't it strange that he suddenly died after getting better. All it would take was a little something in the tea and no one would know.

Sara dismissed such talk as foolish everyone loved father . Look how many mourners were at the funeral. Could someone have been so bold as to poison him and look her in the eye and tell her how sorry they were?

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