cat eyed glasses and back to our round barn murder mystery...

 So friends seems that the older you get your eyes can get better I thought it would be worse seems I have been wearing glasses that are too strong for me now. I have no clue, so the new glasses are  not as strong ...lolol who knows

 Funny story the sales person keep trying to push cat shaped glasses on me  now you know I love pine cat but I do not want to look like him... lololo.... Now back to out story...

 Mike rang and rang the building's security system to gain entrance he had wanted to do this quick and hurry to the museum and see Josh. Finally the security let him in after he showed him a badge through a window...  He told the man he was here on police business and ask about the person living in apartment 10 . He was told that the person who lived there went back to Egypt   because he had family who were ill there.

They had left about 3 weeks ago in quite the rush. Mike thanked him and jumped back into his car and headed to the Met.

 Josh and Sarah had been traveling for a few hours glad to finally be at the Museum they both were glad to get out and move around . Josh looked up and saw his old partner coming toward him. "Wow what great timing or maybe the museum's director let him know he was coming.  "Hey buddy long time no see ", shouted Josh.  Mike was so very glad he got to see them both before they entered the museum so he could find out what happened .

" Good to see you to man", replied Mike. Josh them introduced him the Sarah and Mike told her how sorry he was for her loss.  Josh decided he would fill Mike in on the things they know so far about Katherine and how she got all the way to Mass after the blast. Did not make much sense to them unless the museum was not telling everything that happened that night.

 Well let's see  what the director has to say . ..

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