Sarah and Josh had to run to make the train leaving for New York after everything she told him he had her pack a bag and stay with him over night where he was up early buying train tickets on line.  He had called the museum and ask to speak to the director  and told him this was official police business and that he was coming to look at the records from the dig and who was on it.

  In his bag he had a laptop and a wax figure and of course the ambulant he also had his police id and his gun.. After 9/11 he would certainly have to show id just to get on the train with a gun. Sarah didn't say much just sat staring out the window looking at passing towns streaking by.

 She hoped answers would be found and that she could put this behind her. No matter what she wanted the person to pay for killing her sister . She wondered about Josh and hoped this would give him the peace he seemed to need.

 If this would could have been fun if it wasn't under such a bad situation she had not been to New York city since her sister's graduation. She knew this was the place to be and even though she missed her sister at times she was glad she followed her dreams.

 Josh touched her on the arm and said" are you ok?" "Do you need anything to eat or drink we left very early ".  They both decide to go to the food car and get some breakfast going down the aisles   Sarah thought she saw someone looking at her .  She notched Josh in the arm and whispered', That man back there was looking at me".

 Josh was alarmed could that person who we are looking for be on the train how could he have known that we were on here. He walked back to the spot Sarah showed him hand on his gun and the only thing that was on the seat was a carry-on  with nothing much in it.  He ask the person sitting in the next seat what happened to the person in that seat and they had no idea maybe  probably in the bathroom was his reply.

My then the contractor was  calling the next town that was coming up he knew people would  get off and that the man was probably going to be hiding among them.

 The man knew that was a close call the woman and that cop were smart but he knew they were probably going to the museum he had to get their before them ...

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