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 Zazzle is having a tee sale 30% off I wanted to take a  break from the Round Barn Murder to post about the sale. I also wanted to give some background information about the writing of the mystery you have been reading. Many years ago I took a trip actually in the early 90's to the beautiful state of Mass.

 I did make a trip to the Hancock shaker village where the round barn is located. It is a interesting place and kind spread out. I joked with my mother that it would be a great place for a murder with the fields seeming to spread out  and no one around.

 Yes the sheep really do graze in the fields and the barn is round when I went it did not have a lot of staff and wasn't open all year.  The  homes that we toured did not have a lot of furniture in them. Shaker furniture which is quite lovely but very plain..

 I also wanted to state that the story is my own nothing like this has happened in any of the places mentioned in our story . The Met in New York is a amazing place to visit too..  Just like using the places I have been as places in stories.  I decided after moving about a year and half ago to finish the half written stories that I have in several notebooks.

 Yes the story Whispering Pines will be finished I have not located the missing pages but do remember part of it and will re-write it.  I have a few others too that I will probably finish.  I have been spending my days writing this story everyday.  I try and get the story out before  lunch time or break time for people to read.

  I am also a artist and have been busy painting for the up and coming art shows I do . I enjoy writing and have taken a few courses my professors tell me I write like a artist what ever that means, I have no idea. Yes my passion is ancient Egypt and last year I had the pleasure of taking a  course on ancient Egypt from the Manchester museum in England .  I was Heartbroken like the rest of the world about the children and their families that were lost there.  I pray for those who have injuries  and the families that lost members.

 But I wanted to show you more of the tees we have to offer I just wanted to take a moment  to remember this great city.

 This is a photograph taken when I went forgotten town hunting deep in the pines Harrisville Lake.

 Great gift  for Father's day this is the Atison  Mansion also deep in the pines I remember as a kid going by this place before it was restored thinking it was a haunted house.

This fun tee was designed on my I pod and then I played around with a photo application and made it look like One of Andy Warhol's designs..  This is actually on a few other items in my store and the design is quite bright.

 I was inspired by Matisse and his paper cut-outs when I drew this piece again on my I-pod.

Now this was inspired by of course colorful Pansies . I love Victorian times and pansies were a popular flower then.

 Thanks for looking and reading have a great day , Nora and 


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