Who is Peter Ompir and why you should collect his work.

Charles Burns was born in Pittsburg P.A. in 1904 . He was a artist who went to the ART Institute of Chicago and the National + American Art Academies. He later changed his name to Peter Ompir which means Peter the great in French.

  I must say this artist is a personal favorite of mine the idea he painted on anything he can because he knew that during the depression you had to paint on useful items  to make sales is amazing. I feel the same way  I have spent the last 20 years painting everything from flowerpots to wooden boxes and furniture too.  Like peter I do paint canvases but also do a lot of  gifts and of course computer work.

 Peter did hire a friend when he moved to new York  during the Depression Warner Wrede to help with the painting because it took two weeks for his items to be complete.  They had quite the following in new York  with antique stores  and such important stores as Macy's waiting for their work. They decided to move to Vermont in the 1950's  and then would settle north to Maine in 1960.

Wrede would do the backgrounds only in the early years than peter had him start doing designs  funny thing he would still sign the Peter Ompir business name  not his own.  Peter died in 1979 then he started signing his own name.

 Now to collecting  his work prices were in the early 70's hundreds of dollars  now thousands so look around in that attic and check out your flea markets and yard sales you never know someone might not like the bright colors and antiquing of his works and you could find a great deal.

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