Value Time..and recycle old wood

 Just a rundown house in the middle of no where right? Have you ever wondered as you speed by this type of home  what happened there? How many people lived there?  What secrets  did the house hold?  I was not able to get the to other side of the home in the picture but it is caving in .  Hopefully when this place is taken down the wood will go somewhere to be recycled.

The windows and posts can be used again even if only for decorations for other homes.. I  see the beauty in this type of home just in the fact that the pieces can be re-used and even though it was  run -down it was the a home once.

 May we all  take care of the earth re-use and recycle as much as we can. Have a great Saturday friends Happy Earth Day, Nora follow us on goggle + we need friends ...


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