The orginal smile face

 Harvey Ross Ball was a graphic artist and ad man who invented the face for Mutual Life insurance company to raise morale of their agents.  He was paid 45.00 for 10 minutes work. The original features narrow ovals for eyes and one eye is a bit larger than the other.  The mouth is more like a Mona Lisa smile.

 In  1971 two brothers from Philadelphia who owned two hallmark card stores added the slogan have a happy day and got a revised patent and sold 50 million products with the face and slogan on it.  I do remember this face was everywhere in the 70's shirts and even sneakers mugs etc.

 It sad that Ball didn't make lots of money on the work but he does have a non-profit that does a lot of good works with the sales of the original smile face on products.  I am wondering what the copy right laws were back then if they were able to revise it and sell the original design  with some minor changes.

 So the origins of the emoji smile face have come a long way from a few simple lines on a face till today.

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