The art Of Decopage and history of crafts.. it might suprise you?


 Well friends you know or you should know I like history and all things art related.  I was surprised to find the deeper roots of something we all have probably done some time in our life even if it was just something you did in grade school.

Decoupage is from the French word decouper- meaning to cute something.  The beginning of this art is said to have started in east Siberian tombs and was seen in china in the 12th century,

 When this art started to be seen in Italy around  the 17th century things started to get ornate ,especially in the city of Florence they added gold leaf , cowed wood designs and tooled leather book covers.  The earlier themes were religious depiction's . In the early 20th century they wanted to appeal to non-Catholic tourists so they changed to renaissance art.

 Of course this type of item is  considered to be a antique and collectable, The photos of the screens above are of Victorian.

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