Saving 7.00 worth of fish and spending 15.00

Well friends , like I stated fish are hard to keep. My group of ten fish  are now down to 3 and I am not sure if I lost one of the catfish yet can't find him or her. Well of course I had the water tested and went and bought fish meds..

 What can I say I hate to see any living think suffer. The one survivor from the illness is doing much better  and the catfish is happy and swimming ...

Pine cat does  look up at the tank I think he knows something is up. Strange thing the sick fish all grouped together in one cave like it was a hospital. Never saw that before but the survivor now went to another cave. 

He ate today but not yesterday hope he is on the mend.  follow us on goggle+  and shop our store I am going to charge the fish water slowly and keep a share eye on the survivors they are getting meds everyday.

  I am going to get rid of the one cave it is like a coral thing  could have germs I have no idea.

  Have a great day from me and Pine cat


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