Rookwood pottery first female owned art pottery..

 Rookwood pottery a name a lot of us probably don't know but you should if you love art and antiques and beautiful things. A few years back I wrote a paper on this company when I got my antique appraiser Certification.   Surfing the internet looking for a pottery to write about Maria Longworth appeared on my computer screen.

 Maria started her pottery in 1876  and hired artists and other creative types to make her art pottery.  She was so inspired by the centennial that was held in Philadelphia where artists from all over the world showed their work.

 She did lead her company in a few short years  to great success and they  showed their work in Paris during the world's fair.. They did have a hard time during the depression and started making plain pieces of pottery that were less expensive and the company was closed for a while but is now back and better than ever.

 Somethings to look for the company has a sun like logo on the bottom of it's vases

  This is a great company to collect you can see the design elements in the plain pottery are just as beautiful as the painted items..

 Lately I have been on a kick to find women artists and artisans to learn about the stuff I never learned in art school or college. I try to do that with history too, because is local you would be surprised  what happened in your city or town.

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