Popular games and toys of the 60's ,, along with movies and tv shows

 Well since you probably guessed I am a kid from the 60's thought I would share some of the games and toys and tv and movies of that time.

Speed Racer was odd not a favorite but a lot of people liked it.

 Batman was a cartoon too and tv program.  This was a campy show like so many programs of the 60's.

 Mary Poppins of course a  fun movie . just think of a early Harry potter type movie. But you are never quite sure who are what she really is..


Gumby was popular he even had a show where they were clay figures that move.

 Barbie of course born in 1959 she was very popular in the 60's  and had many friends including one I had called Stacie.

 Behold the Stacie doll  I loved this doll because back then she had the same color hair as mine.

 Hope you enjoyed this look back,  This is some of the things kids watched and played with in the 60's.. Have a great day , Nora  Please follow us on goggle + and like our blog...


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