Mary Cassatt impressionist artist

 Mary was born on May 22, 1844 in Allegheny city in Pennsylvania . If you have every traveled to the Philadelphia museum of art they have a room devoted to her paintings. She has a special place in the hearts of many locals as she was a important artist in the impressionist movement in Paris during the late 1800's.

 She made the move to Paris in 1866 and her father certainly was not happy about that can you imagine a woman alone traveling during the civil war time period.  I certainly could understand his concerns with  the battle of Gettysburg fought near the area where they lived only 3 years before.

Mary had enrolled in the Pennsylvania academy of the fine arts but found the teaching to slow for liking and went to Paris to study the old masters.    She returned  in 1868 because of the Franco Persian war  and had to make money from selling her work to return because her father would not fund her trips are even buy paint for her. He did not want her to be a artist according to some of my research but she did return.

  If you know anything about the impressionists you can see their influences in color choices of her paintings and understanding of the painted figure.  She was good friends with Degas and you can certainly see his influences in her work,  I also see Manet and of course my personal favorite Renoir.

 She had to return to America in 1882 because her mother and sister were so ill and even stopped painting . She even stopped calling her self a impressionist in 1886 and went her own way and style .

 In 1915 diabetes stole her vision so the last 11 years of her life she could not paint we lost her in  June 1926.  

 Have a great day friends , Nora


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