Martini shakers, glasses and a Road trip to the beautiful city ofPemberton New Jersey..

 Husband and I went on a trip to the very historical town of Pemberton  New Jersey to a Antique center's yard sale. Lots of interesting finds I found the martini shaker  I needed and glasses great price too.. Did  not make it into the lovely Grist mill Antique center which has over a 100 dealers showcasing their items.

 Next time I will check this interesting store out. If you love antiques and live in new jersey they are worth checking out. I wanted to get home our beloved pine cat wasn't feeling well believe it or not he has allergies he is doing better but think he might have to go to the vet just in case.

 Now to the history of the area in 1693 the Budd family was deeded lands in west jersey called Hampton Hanover . David Budd in 1740 formed a mills company with two forges and fulling mill and of course grist mill.

 If you know anything about south jersey it was filled with grist mills and forges  back when our country was young.   I have heard quite a lot about the Rancocus river from my mother who grew up swimming in the river. It is what people call cedar water . This type of water is a brown color growing up I always called it ice tea water. It is harmless and just from the cedar trees that grow near it...

  The town grew quite a lot from the 1700's till 1856 and then their was a type of depression back then and they switched  to farming and transporting the cranberries and blueberries that grow in the area.

  I love the main street lots of buildings from all time periods there didn't bring the good camera I could spend hours taking pictures of all the great homes in the area.
 Some great pictures of homes from the past in Pemberton .  Have a great day friends Nora


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