Margaret Keane , little miss no-name dolls, Big eyes

 When I was young I wanted this doll dressed in burlap with a tear running down her face. Well I did get one for Christmas I wanted to be her friend she looked so sad. Little Miss no Name burst onto the doll scene in 1965. She was fashioned from the big eyed waifs  of the artist Margaret Keane who was  famous in the 60's for the painted  children.

 Walter Keane Margaret's husband for years managed to steal his wife's painting credit and said he did the paintings.  This is the saddest story  how he bullied and abused this woman till she finely had enough and fought back.  In 1970 she announced on a radio broadcast she was the creator not him.

 This  even made it to court in 1986 where the judge  made each person paint a picture and of course Walter and the news paper who supported him lost the case. When the sad eyed children were franchised Walter by  they made a lot of money . When Margaret left Walter she had nothing.

 Margaret went on to fame even  to paint save our children painting that is in the permeant collection of the united nations.  This lovely lady had quite a life  check out the movie Big eyes that tells her life story..


Wish I still had the doll . A doll  still in the box  is worth a 100 thousand dollars...

 so always be looking for the different and odd things when you are out in the flea markets you never know what you can find.

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