Harrisville and the fire that destroyed it.

  As I have mentioned before friends new jersey has a lot of forgotten towns with ruins from long ago. Harrisville was  quite the small city deep on the pines but unfortunately in the early 1900's it was destroyed by fire

 If you know anything about sandy soil and the pines they dry out quickly even if it rains for a week . That is what causes the many forgotten towns to be destroyed are almost destroyed by fire. The town of Batsto had several  historical cabins destroyed by fire .

 In modern times the pines still have the problem with fires even with all our modern fire fighting techniques.  I can imagine the early settlers of this area  had a lot to deal with just trying to stay alive and fires were number one on the list in the pines.

 Fire is still damaging historical buildings even today some ruins above are from the 2006 pinelands fire that ruined parts of Atison Mansion barn and outer buildings.


 Hopefully we will not lose all the towns and buildings that are left and the ruins are reclaimed again by the pines .. Have a great day, Nora follow us on google+ and our blog shop pine cat 15 for gifts and check out our social medium page and follow us..


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