Hi friends,

 Well I thought I would update the fish story. We lost every fish accept for one who was cured with the fish drugs we got.. Bought 2 black molly's and silver molly's .

 Thinking about a black and white group of fish in the tank.. Funny thing I was reading up on this type of fish they like to have babies and a small group of 4 or 5 should have a 29 gallon tank which I have ..

 Do your homework with fish folks  this type of fish  love to mate and you must have 4 females to every male so they are not stressed out and they can even die from the stress...

 Oh lord what has my husband got me into .... The only way to tell boys from girls are the fins in the front females are more round... lol kind of like humans I guess..

 Well happy holidays friends , Pine cat and I wish you all the best we will be back on Monday...


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