Dinosaurs 1968 and my memories ..

Well dear readers have you every had a childhood memory and you were so young  you don't remember to many details. I remember seeing giant dinosaurs at a shopping  center and being scared even though I loved dinosaurs as a kid. These suckers were huge and the size was life like.

 The New York world's fair was in 1964 and there was a attraction there called Sinclair's Dino land  I am wondering if the name Dino was used because of the wildly popular Flintstones' cartoon.  Well Sinclair had built dinosaurs for the world's fair in 1933. For this fair he had the help of  sculptor Louis Paul Jonas .


The dinosaurs  were built in the artist's studio in upstate New York.  Can you imagine what that must have looked like traveling to New York city in the 60's .  People probably thought they were in some kind of b horror movie...

 Well after the fair they toured shopping centers through the country and that is where I saw them.  they were on tour for one year and then went to museums through the country.

 thanks for strolling  down memory lane with me.. enjoy the warm weather it's going to get hot in New jersey in the next few days..  follow us on goggle and share our blog and check out pine cat 15 for gifts etc..  Nora


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